Custom Beats

I am currently creating Custom Beats for a Flat Rate for artists receiving, on average, less than 100,000 streams per song. This flat rate does fluctuate based on demand, my available time and other factors. If you are interested please contact me! If you are an artist receiving more than 100,000 streams per song, contact me for a customized cost. I do not make Custom Beats for free.

My Custom Beats are always sold exclusively. The Customs are never sold again, or uploaded as free beats. I provide untagged mp3 and Trackouts files at the end of the transaction. Prior to payment, all drafts will be tagged. If you take over 30 days to respond regarding the beat I will begin to sell it to another client. I do make adjustments to beats prior to payment. If you do not enjoy a beat you do not have to purchase it, and I do not have any fee for not purchasing!
If you are interested please contact me!