Usage & Licensing

Free for Profit Beats

All of my free for profit music is free to use nonexlcusively on all platforms, including Social Media Sites, and Streaming Platforms as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. You credit me. “Prod: H3 Music” is more than enough in the description of Social Media Posts featuring my music. I do not require credit on Streaming Platforms, and please do not put my name in the title of your tracks on Streaming Platforms. That is against most streaming platforms policies.
  2. You do not block others from using the beat. Besides the obvious malicious cases, this also does occur accidentally often when artists keep Content ID / Match Searching options off in their distribution settings. If you upload through a distributor or label, please keep these systems off. Please view FAQ for a more detailed explanation of these systems.

All these beats are downloadable on this site. These tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. If you require a copy of the license please contact me.

Instrumental Recreations

All Instrumental Recreations available on my Socials are recreated by me; however, all rights belong to their respective owners and I do not have permission to tell you where and when you can use them. I strongly condemn their use on streaming platforms and am not liable for any legal recourse you receive by using them on any platform. Use these at your own risk.