I do use royalty free samples from splice.com, wavs.com, and sounds.com. All samples are cleared to use.

Yes! You are able to use my beats in songs uploaded to all streaming platforms; however, you have to keep Content ID / Match Searching options off in your distribution settings.

Yes! All you have to do is credit when possible and keep Content ID / Match Searching options off in your distribution settings. Please view my Usage page for more information.

I do not sell the beats on this site exclusively. They will always be free to use nonexclusively. If you are interested in Customs similar to beats I have already made please contact me and we can discuss!

Content ID / Match Searching options are systems to block, claim, or strike people who use your music in their video or try reuploading your music. While these systems are great, sometimes they match people who use the same beat. If these systems are left on, people who use the same beat will receive copyright problems. This is why these systems have to be left off. If you leave these systems on I will have to request your distributor, label, and/or stores to remove your song from all platforms. Please review your distribution settings to make sure this is off. Each distributor refers to it differently. If you need help please contact me and I will assist you.

Please credit me on all social media platforms. This includes but is not limited to Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and Tiktok. “Prod. H3 Music” in the description is more than enough. I do not require credit on Streaming platforms.

Please refer to “What is Content ID and Match Searching options?”. When people leave on these systems you will receive a claim or strike. If you do receive a claim or strike please contact me immediately and I can help you get it fixed. I will need a link to your video, the claim information, and which beat of mine you used.

Currently I do not have a BMI or ASCAP account. I do have a Distrokid Teams account at this email h3music001@gmail.com.

The WAV File is an uncompressed WAV version of the beat, the STEM File is a zip file with uncompressed WAV trackouts of each individual instrument. These provide more flexibility in mixing and mastering the beat when compared to the mp3. These purchases are only the higher quality files and not a separate exclusive license. They fall under the same license as the mp3 version.

No. You can not reupload my music on any platform even if credited. If you do find my music reuploaded please contact me immediately!